Tuesday, July 20, 2010

No vampire fights...

BUT I did have a Twilight-themed birthday party! Actually it was a surprise party!!! My birthday was Sunday (I turned 22!) and I wasn't in the greatest of moods. I was a little (ok, a lot) grumpy and did NOT want to do anything. We had a birthday lunch at my grandparents house... super yummy! My Pop makes the YUMMIEST shish kabobs ever, and that's what I asked for. After that we had Twilight cupcakes :)!! I was like YES!!! (I have pictures, but not on the computer of those yet..) After lunch, I really just wanted to go home. My friend Nicole kept trying to talk me into going to the movies or to the mall, but I was like "No, I'm too tired." and kept trying to push it off until today. Since I wouldn't do anything with her, my mom, aunt, and cousin kept trying to get me to go somewhere. I was really frustrated because I just wanted to go home, but no one would let me! I ended up going to my aunt's house so play the wii for a little bit. Suddenly in the middle of Megan playing Guitar Hero with me, she had to leave to go get some sheet music... Seriously??? I was like I am just gonna go on home. So as I was getting Murray's stuff together at my aunt's house, my mom called and invited her and Megan over for cake... Ok that's cool! Megan had already left to go get her music, so Auntie T was going to ride with me and Murray to the house. When I get to the house, my mom met us at the car and walked me to the bungalow. She told me to close my eyes and that she had a surprise for me... to which I replied "Mother, I am not 12." Haha. I walked in and...

Surprise! Twilight everything! Even the movie music was playing in the background. My family knows me well! :) My friends were there and it was a lot of fun. We even had "Italiano" like the Cullens made for Bella the first time she met them... Obsessed much? I think so!!!

Thanks everyone for a great birthday!! I love you guys!!

Blowing out the candles... Isn't the cake gorgeous!

Some of the people there...

Murray and her godfather, Kevin. She missed him!

Looking so cute in her Matilda Jane!


  1. Your bday party looks AWESOME! I know what I'm doing for my bday...

  2. This is the best birthday EVER! I'm making Heath take notes for my bday next year! HAHAHA! This looks awesome. I'm so glad you had a good day. :)