Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tuesday 3! (even though technically it's Wednesday)

So one of my favorite bloggers has started a new carnival, so I am going to be participating! YAY! I love these things!! If you wanna play click the picture and it will take you to the blog!

This week is 3 experiences we've had in our life.

1. My first airplane ride. I was in 8th grade and I was going on a mission trip to Moldova. It was about 6 months after Sept. 11 so security was INSANE at the airport! It just so happened that on our flight was a group of about 60 Isrealies traveling back to Isreal. I think we went through about 2 extra hours of security just for that alone. The flight was pretty good, except right before we got off there was a BIG ordeal. 2 people of Middle Eastern descent were caught in the bathroom smoking. SERIOUSLY? Come on... you KNOW you aren't supposed to. Anyways, that is something I will NEVER forget... It was very memorable, especially since it was the first time I had EVER flown!

2. One of the scariest/most amazing moments I have ever had was holding Murray for the first time. Murray was born 5 weeks early and spent 10 days in NICU. I was extremely blessed that she didn't have many problems. I didn't get to see her until about 24 hours after I had her (that I can actually remember) because I was on medicine to control my BP and keep me from having a seizure... (maybe one day I'll post about all of that). So I finally got to go see my little girl and hold her. As I was holding her, her monitor went crazy and they had to take her from me and do all this stuff to her and it was so scary.

This was right after they handed her back to me.

3. How about a funny one? I think I was in like 8th grade when this happened. I went to a small school, so everyone knew each other. I cheered when I went there and this particular day we were cheering for a basketball game. It was halftime and I needed something across the gym, so I started running so I wouldn't get trampled by the guys. On my way back across the gym I tripped... which is not surprising, but nonetheless embarrassing. But, not only did I trip, I fell flat on my face in the middle of the gym floor. EVERYONE saw... I was so embarrassed, but it's so funny now that I think about it. Oh the stories I have about me tripping... Ask me about falling off the stage after a piano recital sometime :)


  1. Oh I LOVED all your stories. The same thing happened to me on you #3. [give or take] It's NEVER fun to trip in front of a hugh crowd! You will def. have to post a blog about falling off the stage! :)

    I LOVE the picture of you holding Murray! That's so sweet!

    Hope you will be back next week. [Be prepared to give me a tour of your hometown!]

  2. So how about that story about you and the piano recital? Haha.

    I LOVE that photo by the way! You should frame it!
    That's seriously the best moment ever, isn't it? I remember holding Harper. It was the indescribable. :)