Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Nothing to report...

so no exciting blogging going on. I'm off all week though, which is awesome! My beautiful friend Sarah gets married on Saturday!!! Her bachelorette party is Thursday night!! WOOT WOOT! It's going to be so fun!! Friday we have the bridal luncheon and the rehearsal, then Saturday is the BIG DAY! It's going to be so great! The only sad part is that she is leaving us :(. Yes, she's been in school in Virginia, but now she's going to be married and living up there!!! 3 goodbyes in one week is NOT FUN!  My friend Ashley is leaving for California on Sunday and we met up for coffee earlier today. Even though we haven't got to hang out in a while, it's still hard to say goodbye to someone you've been friends with for years. The other goodbye was bittersweet.

I forgot to participate in Tuesday 3 with Miss JLA yesterday, but please go check her out! Her blog is alot of fun and she's super sweet! :)

Sorry for no new pictures lately!! I can't get my memeory card to work on my computer... :( Boo! I probably won't get any more posts on here this week, so next week be ready for wedding pictures and posts galore :)

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