Sunday, May 30, 2010

Family Time

Today we had Nanny, Pop, and Megan join us for lunch. We had a pretty good time, and I think most of these pictures speak for themselves!

And then the dancing queen put on a show!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Houston, we have a problem...

Friday morning I laid Murray down for her usual 10 am nap. Well after a few minutes of fussing, I hear her door open... that freaked me out! Then I see my little wild child walking down the hall! She has NEVER gotten out of her crib by herself so this totally worried me! I took out her bumper and tried to lay her back down and she flipped out! Then, a few minutes later I heard another "thud" and she was out again. Talk about mind blowing! My tiny little 15 month old baby can get out of her crib! So I decided to take her mattress out and lay it on the floor to see if she would sleep on it... and I found out fast she was going to have NO part in that! She went to sleep on a palate on the floor last night. At 3:30 this morning she decided to play with her toys... that was fun :) So needless to say I had a grumpy little girl today... but she's so cute you can't get annoyed!
Also, today we went to a birthday party for Murray's friend Lanie. Lanie looked adorable in her little grass skirt and coconut bra!! Happy Birthday Lanie!!!

Oh and PS- Friday's are probably going to be blogless days for me... I usually have to work pretty late and I am too tired to type when I get home :)

bri <3

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Princess and her castle

Today I decided to switch Murray's toy box and her princess castle. The toy box was in the living room and her castle was in her room. She really liked being able to play in the castle in the living room. Actually she didn't even want me to bother her...

She's all "Mommy here's a ball to play with..."

And then she's all "Ok get out now..."

She's such a little drama queen! I have NO IDEA where she gets it from... Also, today I got a package from Chip in the mail of t-shirts I need for a project I'm making (and no babe I'm not telling you!). Murray wanted to try the t-shirts on... and she got EXTREMELY mad when she couldn't pull it over her head...

She's all "Mommy you are so mean..." (plus I think she might have been a little sleepy, hence the eye-rubbing!)

So, I gave in and put one on her. She loved it and she looked so darn cute!!! :)

She was all "Mommy can you stop? I'm watching Dora..."

Maybe tomorrow she will wear her own clothes...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Little pieces of heaven!

YUMMO! I made these Smores brownies for dessert tonight... wow. They were really rich, so you can't eat alot at once, but they were so delicious! I saw a picture of them on another blog so I looked up the recipe on Joy the Baker's website... So enjoy and let me know what you think!

bri <3

Let's get it started!

I wanted a way to keep family, friends, and my boyfriend updated on our daily lives. I figured that a blog would be a great way to update with pictures and stories about what me and Murray have been up to! So, without further ado, welcome to my blog! :) I hope you all enjoy! Expect a longer post later today or tomorrow!

bri <3