Saturday, May 29, 2010

Houston, we have a problem...

Friday morning I laid Murray down for her usual 10 am nap. Well after a few minutes of fussing, I hear her door open... that freaked me out! Then I see my little wild child walking down the hall! She has NEVER gotten out of her crib by herself so this totally worried me! I took out her bumper and tried to lay her back down and she flipped out! Then, a few minutes later I heard another "thud" and she was out again. Talk about mind blowing! My tiny little 15 month old baby can get out of her crib! So I decided to take her mattress out and lay it on the floor to see if she would sleep on it... and I found out fast she was going to have NO part in that! She went to sleep on a palate on the floor last night. At 3:30 this morning she decided to play with her toys... that was fun :) So needless to say I had a grumpy little girl today... but she's so cute you can't get annoyed!
Also, today we went to a birthday party for Murray's friend Lanie. Lanie looked adorable in her little grass skirt and coconut bra!! Happy Birthday Lanie!!!

Oh and PS- Friday's are probably going to be blogless days for me... I usually have to work pretty late and I am too tired to type when I get home :)

bri <3

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