Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Princess and her castle

Today I decided to switch Murray's toy box and her princess castle. The toy box was in the living room and her castle was in her room. She really liked being able to play in the castle in the living room. Actually she didn't even want me to bother her...

She's all "Mommy here's a ball to play with..."

And then she's all "Ok get out now..."

She's such a little drama queen! I have NO IDEA where she gets it from... Also, today I got a package from Chip in the mail of t-shirts I need for a project I'm making (and no babe I'm not telling you!). Murray wanted to try the t-shirts on... and she got EXTREMELY mad when she couldn't pull it over her head...

She's all "Mommy you are so mean..." (plus I think she might have been a little sleepy, hence the eye-rubbing!)

So, I gave in and put one on her. She loved it and she looked so darn cute!!! :)

She was all "Mommy can you stop? I'm watching Dora..."

Maybe tomorrow she will wear her own clothes...

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