Friday, September 10, 2010

Remembering 9/11

Just Me and My Life

I can't believe that tomorrow will be 9 years since this happened. I'm sure I could think of more than just 5 things I remember about this day, but I'm just going to tell about the day I remember. I don't think I've ever actually told this from my viewpoint that day. It's interesting to me to read how people felt that day and how even though I might have been in a group, we all had different emotions.

 I can remember exactly where I was. I was in 8th grade at the time, sitting in Miss Holland's English class. I even remember what desk I was sitting in. It was the 3rd one on the 2nd row. We were talking about some story from literature and that's when Mr. Seiber (the principal) came over the loud speaker and announced that a plane had hit the first tower. I think at this point none of us really understood what was happeneing, but I remember the look on Miss Holland's face and I knew it was bad. We took a few minutes and prayed for what was going on, but we went back to work.  I think about 20 minutes after we went back to work Mr. Seiber came back over the loud speaker to tell us that another plane hit the second tower. I remember thinking "Oh my gosh, what is happening". I remember going to my next class, but I have no clue what it was. At this point I was in shock about what was happening. We didn't stay in class but maybe 5 or 10 minutes and all of the jr./sr. high started going into the cafeteria. Teachers were setting radios up so we could listen to what was going on. Somehow a few people got a tv wired so we could watch the news. People were crying, sitting in shock, talking because they didn't know what else to do. Eventually we all moved into the gym that afternoon to keep watching what was going on. The only class I had the rest of the day was my Government/Economics class with Mr. Nix. We talked about how this was changing history and how it would affect our lives, our children's lives, and the world around us. I don't think at this point in time we really knew the impact this tragedy would have on all of our lives. I can't think of one person who doesn't know someone out there fighting for us or that has fought in the War Against Terror, or even indirectly by knowing someone who has/had a loved one there. That afternoon we were supposed to have a soccer game. I had my cheerleading uniform on is the only way I remember that. Since it was cancelled, we (my brother and I) went to my grandmother's house like we always did after school. We were glued to the tv, watching the reports, seeing the videos over and over again of those planes flying into the towers. Without even watching it now, I can remember so clearly what it looked like. That night I remember begging my mom to let me stay up and watch President Bush speak. I think this is the day that I truly became interested in what was happening in our country. I remember later seeing a picture of President Bush being told of the attacks and I still see that in my head when I think about this awful day.

When you think about tomorrow, remember those people who lost their lives and who willingly gave them to save ours. Think about the ones who are still out there fighting to make sure we stay safe. Think about the families who have loved ones out there right now, right this second. Think about the families who lost someone because of the horrible attack on our country.


  1. I can never forget. I remember gluing myself to the television. Thanks for the links.

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  2. Yeah, it was intense to be in school and not really know what was going on!

  3. Love the song, it gave me goosebumps and brought tears to my eyes. So important to remember that day and all those affected by the tragedy!

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