Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Great Car Key Fiasco

I've been a terrible blogger. I know. I'll try and do better.

I'm going to tell you all a story tonight.

Monday night I had to work. It was rainy and cold, but I love that weather so it was great. I walk into work and go to put my keys in the drawer where I always keep them. I opened the drawer and I thought I broke some glasses because they flew out at me... I still don't know what they were. Anyways, I placed my keys in the drawer and went about the rest of my night.

I go to leave at the end of the night and I grab the last set of keys in the drawer.I walk out to my car (in the pouring rain) and I go to unlock it. Mind you, I park at the end of the parking lot. I get to my car, but something was wrong. The keys weren't mine...ok no big deal! I was just going to walk back inside and get my keys. But wait, remember I said those were the last ones? Well, I was right. There were no other keys in the drawer. What could I have possibly done with them? Did I lock them in my car? Did I drop them somewhere? No. That couldn't be it! I remember putting them in the drawer!!!! Someone had to have taken them! I go back outside and wait for Paige to come get me since I can't get in my car. Did I mention that I thought my spare key was in my purse inside my car? Smart move.

Tuesday morning a friend text me saying she had a slimjim I could use to unlick my doors. The only problem is that my car has power locks, and apparently it's hard to use a slimjim on those. My friend David came to help us try and get it open. The slimjim wasn't working for us. A couple other people tried to help, but no luck. What was I going to do? Pop-A-Lock is expensive and I didn't want to call them! David decided to call a friend of his to see if he knew how to use the slimjim. He got there and tried to use it for a while, but yet again, no luck. Then he tried something else. He got an antenna and a screwdriver. Pop! It was open! Yay! Thank you David's friend. Now I had the task of finding the spare key.

My car is not neccessarily the cleanest car out there. It's just I am on the go a lot, so my things pile up in there. I was fairly certain the key was in my purse. I looked, and nope. No key. I looked in the other purse. STILL no key. I searched the car and there was no key to be found. Now what?

We thought my car was one that had to be programmed to get a new key. If that was the case, it was going to cost almost $400 to get one made. Seriously? I couldn't afford to do that! Well, it turns out that my car didn't have to be programmed, so we could just get a key made. That was still going to cost $47. Now that's a lot cheaper, but still it's a lot of money for ONE key. My dad went and got a key made... and take a guess at what they charged...$14!!! How awesome is that?!?!

I was still frustrated because I didn't have any of my other keys. I didn't have a house key, my grandparent's key, or Paige's key. At least I had my one key I suppose, I just really wanted MY keys back. Why would someone take them in the first place!!! Well, fastforward to about 9 pm Tuesday night. I was back at work (even though I spent the majority of my day in the OG parking lot) and I was getting ready to leave. I was cleaning up the bathrooms when someone told me someone needed to see me. I go to the front and a girl I work with had my keys in her hand. my mouth dropped to the floor. Did she really stand there and have my keys like it wasn't a big deal? It was a very big deal. She apologized and said she just realized that she had them. Seriously? 24 hours later and you just realize... Come on now.

Regardless, I am very thankful to have my keys back after a very stressful two days. I am so glad this week is almost over! :)


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  1. What a hassle! It's amazing how much keys cost these days. One of the keys to my husband's car got broken and we have never replaced it cause it would cost almost $300. Crazy!! So instead I just keep the valet key, it doesn't have the electronic lock thing but it works! Glad you got them back finally but I can't believe it took her 24 hr to notice!