Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lots of pictures today!

I'm sorry I've been slack the past couple days about posting! Mondays are probably going to be another odd day for me since I work. I was going to update Tuesday, but I ended up working again. So without further ado, here's what has been happening the past few days.

Monday was rather boring. We didn't do too much.

Tuesday May-May (Megan) came over and hung out with me and Murray. Murray LOVES her May-May!!!! They are so funny together! They fight like sisters lol. Megan took a bunch of pictures of her while I got ready for work, so here are a few of those...

My favorite... she's so ferocious!

 Today I took Murray swimming! It was so fun! She absolutely loved it! She was splashing me and thought it was hilarious that I was getting water in my face! I didn't get any pictures though because I did not want to drown my camera...

Tonight we went with Sarah to try on bridesmaid dresses! Me and Murray met Sarah, Tammy, Nicole, Tammi, Emily, and Mom at David's Bridal. We lucked out and they had the dress for me and Nicole. It's SO CUTE :) Cole and I had our own little photo shoot in the dressing room. Then we went to Carrabba's with everyone... It's awesome to have such great lifelong friends! :)

Get it girl!

Attractive, I know!

Friends that are family!

LOVE YOU GUYS! CONGRATULATIONS SARAH!! I can't wait to sing at your wedding with Nicole!

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