Saturday, June 26, 2010

Laughter really is the best medicine

...and of course ice cream doesn't hurt either! It's absolutely no fun being sad. Nothing can fix a broken heart but amazing family, best friends, and ice cream sure help. I haven't really done too much this week, but alas, I will try and recap the few highlights.

Thursday- We (as in me, Murray, mom/dad, nanny/pop, auntie T, Megan, Bethany, Ian and his friends, and Peggy... just kidding Paige LOL) went to dinner at Ellen's Deli for Ian's birthday dinner. We LOVE to go to Ellen's! She's the best! Anyways, Ian's birthday isn't until Monday, but we celebrated early since he is in Bulgaria and Greece until July 6 (you can check out THIS website if you want to know what they are doing there). I had some pictures to post but I have currently lost my camera. I've lost my mind the past few days, so bear with me!!!

Friday- Megan, Bethany, Murray, and I went shopping for shirts to wear to the Eclipse premiere! WOOT WOOT! (And by the way, I think everyone should know I do a little dance every time I say "WOOT WOOT"!) I am so beyond excited about seeing this movie. Yes, I may be 21, and yes, I may be a mommy, but I am so obsessed. I love Edward of course, but you see I have this... I don't know... I guess you could say... crush? obsession?... on/of Jasper (and Jackson Rathbone, the actor that plays him!). If you don't believe me, look.

See... I wasn't lying. I really am obsessed. I digress though... I got my shirt to wear for the movie, even though it says Edward and not Jasper since the store I got it was NOT COOL enough to carry the shirt I wanted in store. They were all "Why didn't you order it online?" UMMMM because I didn't want to pay $7 for shipping when I can walk into your store and buy it! Oh well... Friday night I had to work which was no fun, but at least it kept my mind off of things I wanted to forget about.

Saturday-I had a meeting at 9am at work today. Boring, but at least I got paid for it! Murray and I spent the afternoon with Auntie T and Megan. We went to this local dive for lunch, and boy was it YUMMO! Murray was chowing down on the french fries!

She is such a little ham for the camera! :) I love her! She makes everything better.

Tonight I went to dinner with Mom and Paige at Texas Roadhouse. It has quickly become one of my favorite places now. After dinner, I've just been watching the Carolina/Clemson game...which is the whole reason it's taken me almost 45 minutes to write this blog entry!!! BTW, GO COCKS! They won, which means they advance to the College World Series final! WOOT WOOT!! (Did you remember the dance???)

Here's a throwback of my little Gamecock back in September when football season started.

Alright guys, I think this has been a long enough post for tonight. Maybe I will find my camera so I can get some pictures up tomorrow!

<3 bri

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