Thursday, June 17, 2010

A jumble of posts!

Ok so I didn't follow through with posting while I was gone like I said I would. Will you forgive me? Pretty please? I'll post lots of pictures if you do... :) Ok thanks!

Up first-our Girl's night slumber party (before my trip).
Tammy, Sarah, Emily, Nicole, Tammi, Murray, and I had a slumber party at the McDonald's house a couple weeks ago. It was alot of fun (except for the fact Murray stayed awake ALL NIGHT!)

No, I don't normally get that dressed up for slumber parties haha. I went to Ashley and Matthew Blanton's wedding earlier that night and didn't have a chance to change.

Murray and two of her favorite aunts! :)

Part two of this long post- just a couple pics of Murray devouring some Mac & Cheese!

She is just like her cousin May-May! HAHA!

She couldn't get enough of it!

And Finally, part 3- our trip to New Orleans!

We had a great time with Chip all week! When we got there my phone quit working, so I was phoneless for a few days. If you know me, you KNOW that was a challenge!!!!! We went to Chuck E. Cheese on Thursday with Kristen and Micah! Murray and him we SO CUTE together! They had a blast... and the mommies had fun too! :)

Doesn't she looked thrilled to be sitting my Bob the Builder?

We have two nosey kids! This is one of the few pictures I could get of them looking!

 Haha! They were very unsure of this ride!

There is a couple pics I need to get from Kristen and I'll post them later.

Friday Chip had to drive to Florida for work, so Murray and I went to dinner with the Harper's and their friend Toni.

Murray just LOVES having her picture taken... isn't it obvious? :)

Luckily Chip got to come home Friday night and didn't have to stay in Pensacola. Saturday we went to the aquarium, which was alot of fun! I think Murray really enjoyed it!

This was before we left... and yes Murray wore a fish outfit to the aquarium! :) And no, it isn't cheesy at all to do that!!!

They are so cute :)

I am terrible at taking pictures of us!! Oh well :)

This was before a cookout at the Harper's on Saturday night... Murray always looks at me like I'm crazy!

I guess that's because I am! :)

Well I guess I have told you enough about our trip for now :) Tonight I am helping throw a bridal shower for my friend Sarah! I work tomorrow, but I will *TRY* my best to get some pics up from the shower!

<3 bri

Oh and PS- I got a recipe from a friend on facebook for Salted Carmel Cupcakes! YUMMO! I hope to try them and get it on here within the next week!

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  1. Cute pictures.

    And no, it isn't cheesy, I base my kids outfits on where we are going :)