Wednesday, November 17, 2010

So What?

This looked like fun and I decided to join in today!


So what...  if I am crazy a little obsessed with Twight. If I want to read the books 70x, watch the movies 5874x, read the blogs, and drool over pictures, then I am going to do it! How can I not obsess over this...

So what... if I color my hair all the time I like change (when it comes to hair color). 

So what... if I look forward to Murray having a nap. It doesn't always happen, but when it does I get to shower baby-free! Hey mama's you can't tell me you don't get excited too!

So what... if I drink too much coffee! Thank you Mom for the Keurig, because it fuels my coffee need.

So what... if I LOVE celebrity gossip... Did you know that Pink is pregnant (and it's so fitting, considering she has the song "So What" lol) and that Eva Longoria and Tony Parker are getting divorced. DRAMA!!! 

So what... if I joke around too much. Would you rather me be boring? I may have a lot of jokes and stories, but if you don't want to hear them, walk away :).

So, what are you So What's?  Go to Mama Dew's blog and play along!

Also, today I am thankful that my classes are almost over! I have a speech this week, a business test this week, and then I just have about a week left! HAPPY DANCE TIME!!! I can see the finish line this semester!!!! Go me!


  1. Thanks for linking up!

    I am SO upset about Eva & Tony. What a scum bag cheater! UGH!

  2. so what, boss, i do not balance my checkbook. stop bringing it up. trust me, i know how much money i have right now...umm a little less than none. thank you.

  3. Everything is cool, except for the Twilight thing. That whole thing freaks me out. *Shudders* ;)

  4. Cute post! I'm with you on Twilight, love it!