Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Friends...even 9 hours away,

Do you have those people in your life who you can't imagine not knowing them??? Think about it...how many people came into your life and now you don't know what you would do if you hadn't met them! When I was dating my ex I got to meet quite a few amazing people who I love to death. Even though the situation with him ended badly, I am still thankful for most of what went on. ESPECIALLY meeting Mrs. Danielle! :) Honestly, she is one of a kind! I can't tell you how many times I've whined, complained, vented, laughed, joked, and obsessed about Twilight with her. She is just one of those people I have clicked with. I haven't known her longer than 6 months, but I feel like we've been friends out entire lives. I hate that she lives in 9 hours away, but that's ok... And even though we don't get to talk all the time, I know if I ever needed her she would be there to listen in a minute (and I hope she knows that I would do the same for her :)). So Danielle, you are awesome! Oh and check out her blog...she's an incredible blogger! :)



  1. Oh thank you! Haha, I don't know that I deserve it, and I don't know about being a great blogger. I think I definitely qualify as a bitchy blogger though. Lol!


  2. P.S. We're kindred spirits!

    P.P.S. You need to watch Anne of Green Gables.

  3. Such a sweet post! It's so nice to let those close friends know how much they mean to you. And she is a great blogger, despite what she many say! : )

  4. This is a very thought provoking post. And yes, I do have those people in my life, and am so grateful for them, but even more so now after reading your post.