Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Time

I haven't blogged in a week!! Crazy! I had a lot of school work this past week. I had a speech this past Thursday and I had originally picked the topic of polygamy because of the show Sisterwives. (Oh BTW, did you see the Sisterwives shocker about how one of them was married to the other's brother for a while???) Well after I basically had finished it, I decided to change my topic... 2 days before the speech. Yeah, not a super genius idea. But, I got it done and I think I did ok. I was really nervous for some reason. Next week that class is going to be so fun.. we get to dress up and I'm going as Snooki! Yep, I am gonna be Snooks. I can't wait!

Saturday night Paige, Hannah, Murray, and I went to Halloween Hoopla in Downtown Greer. It was pretty fun. Murray looks sooo cute in her costume... just look! She had glasses too, but at that point in the night she wouldn't wear them anymore.

Yesterday we went to Boo in the Zoo at the Greenville Zoo. I think she had fun, except for the little kid behind her who scared her with his mask. She hates masks. Everyone kept telling her how cute she was. Rotten child.



  1. omg such an adorable little girl and i love her costume!! Hope you guys had a blast!

    xoxo follow my blog!

  2. Oh how sweet! She looks adorable in her costume!!! I'm glad you got a picture of her without her glasses too, that way you can see her face better.

  3. Oh my gosh, she is so adorable! I love her costume, what a great idea! Hope you had fun tonight!