Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hey Dave!

Who doesn't know how much I love Dave Barnes and Matt Wertz? Well it definitely isn't a secret! Look.

These two are from the concert we went to back on Labor Day.

This was last year. I could post a million pictures of Dave. One problem. I have NO pictures of Matt! And I've seen Matt 3 times now!!! So I have a plan. Since I am buddy-buddy (said like Mossimo does in The Wedding Planner) with Dave, I am going to get him to introduce us. Good plan, right! I mean it sounds perfectly logical to me!!! Dave tells his BFF Matt there is someone who wants to meet him, and BAM. He meets me. Who thinks this will work? I could just keep on and on about this. If Ellen Degeneres can work her way onto the cover of "O" magazine by constantly calling Oprah and talking to her about it, I can manage to meet Matt through Dave! Ha! :) So..... In order to get my campaign in full gear, I made a button. Post it everywhere :) Dave and Matt need to see this!


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