Friday, July 22, 2011

I'm doing WHAT?

Yep, I'm doing Roller Derby. Most of you (that are facebook friends at least) know that I am now playing RD for the Spartanburg Deadly Derby Dolls! I am so excited to be doing this. The girls on the team all rock and our coaches are great!!!! My name is going to be Porcelain Brawl (grrrr I'm tough :)) and I am going to rock this....once I learn how to be fabulous on skates that is haha. Seriously though, everyone is awesome on the team! Sunday we have a photoshoot and I CAN'T WAIT!! I have some seriously awesome ideas for my makeup. It's going to be great!!! 

Everyone should go like our fan page HERE...SPARTANBURG DEADLY DERBY DOLLS

And speaking of liking fan pages, go like my blog fan page PLEASE :) 

Happy Friday! :)
Here's my Feel Good Friday post of the week.
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  1. bahaha. i saw this on fb last night! that cracks me up. i've always wanted to watch rollerderby!

  2. Awesome! I love a girl who has dreams and goes after life with both hands! Good luck on your rollerderby adventures! My kids would think you are so cool!

  3. This roller derby thing is huge among military wives lately!

  4. This is so sweet! I will be so happy if you want to follow each other! What do u say? Kisses