Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fourth of July weekend!

Every year (well almost every year) I go to the beach with my family and a few friends. We always stay in Edisto Island, SC. It's a quite little place, but we always have a good time. This year was no different. Me, my mom, dad and Murray drove down on Friday afternoon. Once we got to Charleston, my friend Nicole who was going to meet us in Edisto told us she didn't know how to get there from her house in Charleston, so my parents dropped me off with her. We finally got there later that night and met up with everyone else at the house. We just hung out Friday because it was late when everyone got there, but we did get surprised with awesome cornhole!

Yeah, it was awesome. Be jealous. Even though I am a botchi ball champ, I am not so fabulous at cornhole. Oh well. I guess I can't be "winning" at everything in life. :)

Murray was my little beach bum all weekend. She absolutely loved it, unlike me who hates the sand and water at the beach! Here she is doing a little pose. What a ham!

I love this bathing suit. In fact, I love it so much that if I could find one for adults I would buy it for me. Anyways. Saturday we went and ate at a gas station in Yemessee. Yes, I did say a gas station. It was weird, but so good! It was called Harold's Bar & Grille. They say they can't sell you food, so they sell you the plate. Weird, yes. Tasty, yes. Later that night after almost everyone else went to sleep, Nicole, Matthew and I built a card house. It was a great card house until Murray knocked it down the next morning. Just look!

It was Elmo's castle. It was so intense building that. Not even kidding. We didn't breathe looking at it; we didn't speak. It was fabulous. Monday we watched a flyover at the beach and we saw these amazing people. I am doing this next year. I just love crazy patriotic people like myself!

Monday night I went to Charleston with Nicole, Emily, Matthew and Anna. We went to eat dinner and then we went to Patriot's Point (the USS YORKTOWN) for fireworks. The East Coast Party Band played and they were so good! We danced until time for fireworks and had such a good time! After the fireworks were over and we danced a little more, we decided to hit up downtown and go to Kaminsky's! Kaminsky's is an amazing bakery that stays open real late, for those that haven't been before. While we were in there enjoying our late night snack, Matthew asked me what would complete my favorite holiday. I told him that dancing with a military man before the 4th of July was over would be fabulous! He said that if I do this, then I would win the game we had going on (to dance with the most random men). Now, at this point in time it was 11:42pm, meaning I had 18 minutes to do this. To be honest, I did not think that this would be possible. How the heck was I going to meet a military man in the middle of the street at 11:50 pm on a Monday night?!? Time was running out really fast, but I kept on. I was about to give up at 11:57 when I saw a guy and I thought in my head "HE'S MILITARY!!!!" So, I asked him "Do you happen to be in the military?" The look on his face was priceless. I wish that I had a picture of it. He said "Yeah" with a really confused look on his face, but he smiled anyways. I asked him what branch and he said Army, so I was like YES!!!! Epic win for me! I explained to him that I had to dance with him for 5 seconds to win a game and he was like Sure! Haha! So, I asked him what kind of dance he wanted to do and he said IDK. Well, time was wasting away so I just broke it down with the boy! It was pretty amazing and I won the game. More importantly, I danced with as hot Army boy on the 4th of July. Please tell me how it could have been better!!! :)

I hope you all had fabulous weekends! What did you all do?

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