Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Princess and the Frog

When The Princess and the Frog first came out, Murray was too little to be interested in it. I honestly forgot about it for a while. Then, right before Christmas, my friend Danielle told me there was a talking alligator in it. I knew right then I had to get it for my alligator obsessed girl! She seriously has this crazy obsession for alligators. She has a stuffed one, two plastic ones, and alligator jammies. So, using my SWAGBUCKS, I ordered the movie from I was excited to see it myself, so a few days after Christmas we watched it. The sweet girl didn't move a single time during the movie. It was a cute movie! It was cool seeing "old-timey" New Orleans. So, fast forward to present day. My child is now obsessed with this movie. She points to the tv and just says "alligator, alligator" over and over. Since Sunday, I think we have watched it about 6 times (not sit down and watch but it has to be on.) I think I have created a least she is cute:).


  1. omg, i can't believe how long her hair is!!!

  2. She is so cute all snuggled up watching the movie!