Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Do you have a raisin in your nose?

Saturday started out as a normal morning. Murray woke up early as usual and wanted to eat first thing. She always wants to eat as soon as she gets up, but I take her to the kitchen to get something and she refuses to eat it. Go figure. Anyways, we go into the kitchen and my mom came in their with us. She was going to the grocery store and was going to take Murray with her. As they left to go to the store, I decided to go back to bed for a little bit. Yay! Extra sleep! I don't know how long I was asleep, but suddenly I heard my mom and Murray bust through my front door. "Murray has a raisin in her nose" my mom said as she hurried to Murray's bedroom. I was really confused at this point. How did she have a raisin in her nose? Did we have raisins? Where am I???? Ok, so I jumped out of bed and ran into Murray's room. My mom was trying to suction Murray's nose but it was not working. She asked me if I had a flashlight and I went to look for one. Meanwhile, Mom took Murray into the bathroom and was trying to hold her down to suction it. I ran back with the flashlight so we could try and see where the raisin was. Murray was not happy about any of this. Seriously, if you had heard her screaming you would have thought we were beating her or something. So we looked with the flashlight and we couldn't see anything. I asked mom is she was sure that Murray put one up and there. She said "Brittany, it was a yogurt raisin! Melted yogurt was dripping from her nose and she was screaming grabbing it!" Ok, so now what? We couldn't see it, we couldn't suction it. I called the doctor to see what they wanted me to do. It took the answering service FOREVER to answer. Finally they put me through and the answering service told me a nurse would call me back. Mind you, the raisin was in the nose at 10, and it was about 10:30 ish. Mom called our friend who is a respiratory therapist to see if she had any suggestions. She called an ENT doctor friend of hers and we were going to meet him at 12. The nurse called me back after that, but I told them we were taking care of it. We hurried and got dressed because it takes 30 minutes to get to the place we were meeting the doctor. Murray was so fussy and tired and I know it was hurting her. We kept asking her if she put a raisin in her nose and she would say NOOOO. As we were driving we noticed the the raisin slowly kept coming down. We could see it now, but the doctor told us not to do anything that could push it further in her nose. We finally get to the office (and my mom works in the same building, just a different office) and my mom was going to go inside and get her long tweezers because it was literally at the end of her nose. My mom starts to get out of the car and Murray started screaming!!! And guess what? Out pops the raisin! We called the doctor before he got there so he didn't make a useless trip. Thank goodness it came out! I'm glad it didn't get stuck up there...Have your kids ever stuck something up their nose before???

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  1. Neither of my kids have. Maelee has eaten a dime lol I hope she never does it again!

  2. Whew, glad it came out.

    No, my kids have not stuck anything up their noses. I'm surprised.

  3. I have a co-worker whose daughter stuck a wadded piece of paper up her nose. And it was up there for a few days before coming out (she didn't realize it was there)!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog!! I love Javy as well!! :) I still have my 1995 World Series championship plaque that has all of their pictures on it!!


  4. Oh my gosh, what a morning and what a way to be woken up! Luckily Avery hasn't stuck anything up her nose...yet (knock on wood).