Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thursday 5!

I didn't see any blogs with a Thursday 5 this week, so I am just doing my own! :) This week I wanted to talk about 5 things for which I am

I am JOYOUS that my house is getting cleaned. It is LONG overdue and I am so ready for it to be done! Lots of hard-work and sweat are going into it!

I am THRILLED that the weather has been beautiful!!! I am having a yard sale on Saturday and it is going to be a gorgeous day!

I am CHEERFUL because I am doing well in school! I made a 104 on my first test this semester, which was in my Marketing class.

I am HAPPY that Murray is such a good girl! Well, most of the time :).

I am EXCITED that I am going to the Harry Potter thing at Universal Studios in a few weeks with some great friends!!! YAY!

What are you guys THANKFUL for this week???
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